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Customer Care

Quality, Service, and Customer Satisfaction are the foundation of our business. Throughout our operations, Customer Care is our constant preoccupation.

Every order, large or small, demands and deserves our full attention. Making a small rock garden, laying a traditional herb path, or restoring a National Treasure such as Fort Henry in Kingston are projects of equal importance to the individual "project manager," and this we fully recognize.

We help you to find just the right stone for the job, prepare it to meet your needs, and take care to ensure that your order is delivered on time and placed where you want it.

Yes we can and will install a large sandstone block as a garden accent, or cut and place a rough-hewn stone bench in a quiet corner. We have an efficient and economical delivery system for loads of all sizes. Put a five-hundred pound granite block in the trunk of your car? No, we wouldn't do that — anyway, how would you get it out? Our service will get the job done for you economically, and without headaches (or backaches).

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